Set me free

I did something different today. I visited the cemetery. A depressing place with row upon row of bodies. Many of which have been forgotten.

I never really got the point of visiting your departed loved ones there. I mean, if they do still exist as some kind of spirit, why would they hang around there?

It’s a plot of land with no relevance to the person in life, or death. The only reason they would have visited is to visit other dead people.

I went to visit my mother’s grave, among others, and I took my daughter, Ocean.

I have many happy memories of my Mum, alive, but only one of her at the cemetery, and that’s a sad one which involved her being buried, when I was 17. That’s not a good memory, so I mainly choose to stay away and honor her through talking about her and raising a glass.

I think it’s better to honor our ancestors this way and perhaps visiting locations from happy memories. A few come to mind for me, my childhood home, My Nan’s house, Cotswold wildlife park and holidays in Weymouth, Weston super Mare and in North Devon at Ilfracombe and Woolacombe.

When I die please don’t waste too much money on a burial plot and headstone. Turn my body into ashes and return me to the universe. Release me somewhere we have happy memories, that is easy to visit. West Kennet long barrow comes to mind.

Please don’t leave me in a cold and lonely graveyard with only occasional visitors, where I’ll eventually be forgotten.

Celebrate my life, raise a glass of mead and set me free upon the wind.


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