In the beginning

A long time ago in a galaxy we now call home there was a void of nothing. On one side of the void was fire, on the other side ice. The fire melted the ice near the void and water dripped into it and so Ymir the first giant was born.  As the ice melted more a cow named Audhumla came out of it. She fed Ymir her milk and fed herself by licking salt from the ice.

From Ymirs armpits more giants were born and from the ice that Audhumla licked the first Aesir god was born. He was named Buri and he married Bestla, the daughter of one of the armpit giants.  Their half god half giant sons were Odin, Ve and Vili.

As time went on the sons grew up and became bored with the great void of nothing, as kids do, and decided to create a world.  They wondered what they could build this new world with. Just as they were thinking about this problem they heard a great rumbling snore…….. it was Ymir sound asleep.  They looked at one another and nodded in agreement, they would kill Ymir and make a world from his blood, bones, skin, hair and muscle. His skull became the sky and was held up over the world by four dwarves, North, East, South and West.

After a time Odin, Ve and Vili made the first man and woman from two tree trunks and brought them to life to live in their new world which was now called Midgard. They named these first humans Ask and Embla and that is the story of how Midgard / Earth was made.

Written by Jane Jackson


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