Savernake Moot

Thor Oak tree Savernake forest UK



Sunday 15th July 2018

Savernake Forest

Come for a wander in the woods, meet some ancient trees and some local heathens.

Send us a message or comment for any questions and further details. 🙂

See you then!

Woodhenge moot

Our next moot is next weekend at Woodhenge. Bring drinks and snacks ready for an afternoon at this fascinating historic site set within the Stonehenge landscape.

Sunday 6th May

12:00 noon

Woodhenge, Larkhill, Wiltshire

See you then 🙂



March Moot

A few pics of the wonderful Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset. The Open days don’t happen often and they are a great opportunity to explore the site and see some living history in action. Details of the next moot will be up soon!

Hreod Burna volunteer day

Volunteer day Swindon

Saturday we held our first moot of the year, at Hreod Burna Urban Forest in Swindon. This is a small site, but a vital refuge for wildlife and well loved by local residents. The charity that runs Hreod Burna ( taken from the Anglo – Saxon for ‘running stream’ ) is made up of volunteers, and they have achieved a great deal in the last few years, planting trees and wildflowers, creating new footpaths, bridges, a picnic area, a pond, and clearings.

We spent the afternoon covering muddy areas of the paths with woodchips to improve access through the winter. This was a great opportunity for us to do something positive in the community and to recognise the importance of these kinds of spaces, where we can honour the wights in the landscape with deeds as well as offerings.

Huge thanks to those who came to help out, it was a lovely first moot – looking forward to the rest of 2018 🙂